regional contests

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Once a School Champion is chosen, they register to compete at a Regional Contest. Each Regional contestant must be prepared to recite a total of three fully memorized poems, reciting one poem per round. Poems must be from the approved POL Anthology and satisfy the contest criteria.

The two highest-scoring students from each of the six Regional Contests in February will proceed to the State Finals. Schools are encouraged to bring students to the contests. All NJPOL events are free and open to the public. Seating may be limited and should be arranged for, in advance, with the Region Coordinators.

ALL CONTESTS BEGIN AT 10 AM. CONTESTANTS MUST ARRIVE BY 9AM. Auditorium seating will be available by 9:30 AM.  Most contests conclude by approximately 12:45 PM.

Learn more about a grant to educational entities for travel to a Regional Contest.