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If your school is not holding a Poetry Out Loud competition and you would like to participate, you can organize one. All you need are at least two competitors and a teacher or administrator to act as the sponsor. For the school competition, three judges, an accuracy judge, and a scorekeeper are required. These can be teachers, parents, or members of the community.


Here’s an example of what a determined student can do. Amos Koffa (pictured on the right) wanted to participate in Poetry Out Loud at their school, but could not find a sponsor in the expected departments. After a lot of work, they finally found a science teacher willing to act as sponsor, and for three consecutive years, they assisted with registering their school, gathering the judges and participants, and generally organizing the school contest.  On their third try, Amos became the 2017 State Champion, traveled to Washington, and became one of ten finalists competing for the $20,000 scholarship prize.

Feel free to get in touch with us, as we may be able to help you find an interested teacher or administrator at your school.

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